20 - 01 - 2018
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PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G 1080p Dash Camera Review

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papago gosafe 30gb

   As you can clearly see from our small clips although the GoSafe 30G does very well at night with clear and crisp quality during the day things are way too "yellowish" (even a bit blurry at times) and honestly we have no idea as to the why that is. If this isn't something isolated to our sample (will update if this is isolated to our sample) it could be probably be fixed with a firmware update (i don't think that would be hard for PAPAGO! to do) but for now it is what it is. On the bright side however although it may take a while for you to install the sensors (remember that all sensors are tagged with front left, front right, rear left and rear right) the D10E TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) works as advertised so you know at all times if they need air or not. Also i was surprised to see that the stop and go and stop sign recognition features also work like a charm. Personally i have very little use for such features but not everyone pays attention to those things and the sounds made by the GoSafe 30G is more than enough to make you look/aware if by any chance you miss them. The lane departure warning system on the other hand didn't work as good as these since i went over the middle lane plenty of times and it didn't register some of them but again that's not what i consider a significant drawback (besides we've had the same mixed results with other dash cameras as well).

   Price plays a very large part in whether or not consumers will pick a product and with a current price tag set at USD155.95 (Amazon.com) for the GoSafe 30G Dash Camera and USD139.99 (Amazon.com) for the D10E tire pressure monitoring system we think PAPAGO! is on the right track. Of course we do think that the D10E TPMS is slightly overpriced (considering you can’t use it on its own) so we do hope PAPAGO! will consider a price cut sooner rather than later and we would also like to see a battery solutions like VicoVation and Pittasoft eventually. Overall the GoSafe 30G Dash Camera may not feature the best video quality we’ve seen to date but thanks to its driver assist features, built in GPS and the ability to watch over the pressure of your tires by adding the D10E TPMS it does get highly recommended by us.



- Overall Image Quality
- Built In GPS/G-Sensor
- Driver Assist Features
- Compatible With The D10E Tire Pressure Monitoring System
- Supports Up To 128GB MicroSD Cards
- Price (For Some)


- D10E Price (For Some)
- Yellowish/Warm Day Tint
- Up to 1080p60 Only
- Current Availability