20 - 01 - 2018
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PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G 1080p Dash Camera Review

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papago gosafe 30g 11t

The body of the GoSafe 30G is made out of plastic and measures 91mm in length, 55mm in height and 46mm in thickness.



To have a better understanding of its size we placed the GoSafe 30G next to the Opia 2 by VicoVation and the BlackVue DR550GW by Pittasoft.




The F1.9 lens of the GoSafe 30G can record at a diagonal angle of 140 degrees at up to 60 fps and with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p (the microphone is located on the left side of the fascia).



A mini HDMI output is placed on the left side of the enclosure while the microSD slot is placed on the right side.



Four navigation buttons are placed on the bottom of the GoSafe 30G.



At the top we see the D10E TPMS port, mounting bracket area, microUSB port and an off/off button.



Most of the rear is taken by a 2.7 inch color LCD screen.



The D10E receiver is placed on the end of a long cable so yes it requires extra mounting space.



I was surprised to see that the D10E features smaller pressure monitors than the FOBO Tire Plus TPMS.



Since the batteries are not pre-installed you will have to unscrew each monitor and mount one.