21 - 10 - 2017
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VicoVation Vico-MF3 Extreme Car Camcorder Review

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   According to several studies over the past 10 years if you're driving in one of the world’s largest and busiest cities there's a significantly higher chance that at some point you'll come across an accident or be part of one, if you haven't already (always compared to driving in less populated areas). Because of that there are several insurance companies all over the world that offer a small percentage off your monthly fees if you happen to have a dash camera installed in your car. Now obviously for the most part a dash camera may just take up space in your car since it can only be used to record your trips but occasionally it can actually come in handy even if it hasn't recorded an accident (yours or someone else's). For example roughly 3 months ago my dash camera recorded two guys riding on two bikes stealing the purse of the woman driving the car in front of me (one went on her side to distract her and the other grabbed her purse from the open passenger window). Likewise a good friend of mine came across two guys on a bike that kicked and broke the left side mirror of a car in the middle of the road and then just took off in traffic. In both cases our dash cameras recorded the license plates of those people which in turn we made available to the authorities. Vicovation recently released their brand new dash cameras one of which is the Vico MF3 Extreme Cam Recorder which we've been testing for roughly one month now.

   VicoVation is the combination of Vico (Vision, Integration, Creativity, Observation) and Innovation. VicoVation was founded in 2010 by a group of CCTV surveillance system professionals who values the most on recording quality and the product quality. VicoVation’s team is dedicated to image and function adjustments so they can bring the best Dashcam products to the customers. The newly launched models come with the latest technology including Ultra High Dynamic Range (U-HDR), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), Current Speed & GPS Location Overlay, GPS Tracking, and many other more advanced driving safety assistance functions.

   The brand new Vico MF3 Extreme Cam Recorder by VicoVation is based on the latest A12A SoC by Ambarella and a 4MP CMOS image sensor (along with 6G glass lens for superior clarity) a combination which enables single-channel recording of Quad-HD (4MP, 1440p) resolution at 30fps and Full HD (1080p) resolution at up to 60 fps with HDR and a diagonal viewing angle of 150 degrees. The Ambarella A12 SoC uses a combination of advanced image processing, High Dynamic Range (HDR), 3D noise filtering, smart auto-exposure, and full-resolution oversampling to produce superior image quality compared to similar products. Also thanks to a high-speed 792-MHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with Neon DSP extensions the A12A offers advanced analytics algorithms including Lane Departure, Low Light Warning, Forward Car Movement Detection and Forward Collision Warning Systems. The VicoVation MF3 features an aluminum enclosure, is compatible with Class 10 micro SD cards (up to 128GB in capacity) and has a 3 inch TFT LCD screen at the rear which not only allows the end user to see what is being recorded but it also simplifies access to all available settings. So let's move forward with our review and see what VicoVation has been up to lately.