19 - 01 - 2018
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VicoVation Marcus 1 1080p Full HD Car Camcorder GPS Pack Review

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vicovation macrus 1a

   Around a week ago while i was driving on the right lane and minding my own business the person driving a car in the middle lane decided to cut me off and if i was going any faster than i did chances are i might be typing these lines from the hospital right now. Luckily i wasn't so i managed to avoid his car hitting mine just in time. The funny thing with that incident was that had he hit me with the rear end of his car he might had gotten away with it based on the current laws in my country. Now although i always have a dash camera installed (usually for testing purposes) in the car the courts don't really accept such evidence, officially that is. Unofficially however it's up to each judge to decide on whether or not he will see/accept such evidence so having a dash camera installed in your car can certainly come in handy. The Marcus 1 by VicoVation is one such car dash camera and today we'll be putting it to the test.

   VICO is the core value of our brand. The four letters stand for Vision, Integration, Creativity and Observation. Our attitude toward the brand is sustaining development. We apply the latest technologies for all product development. Our management strategy focuses on both globalization and localization. We have great ability of integration toward optical related products. We choose the most competitive key components with best performance, such as lens, sensor, compression chipset, and accessories. As for the software, we communicate with component suppliers and do the deep integration to present the best user-friendly operation interface. We are the team with new ideas. All features and operation interfaces are the outputs of the brainstorming. We believe that the unique features are made by a team of creativity. We have sharp observation on market demands and trends. This makes us to develop the most updated and competitive products. VicoVation┬« products are always easy operated and useful in life. VicoVation┬« is the combination of Vico and Innovation. We manage to make innovation on top of our core value. VicoVation┬« only presents the most in and best performed products.

   Some of you may recall our review of the Marcus 3 car dash camera again by VicoVation a while back which offered a very impressive XHD 1296p video recording resolution (2304x1296@30Fps) with the help of the brand new Ambarella A7LA SoC. Well the Marcus 1 model is nearly identical to the Marcus 3 with just two large differences, it only supports up to Full HD 1080p (1920x1080@30fps) video recording with a horizontal angle of 140 degrees (the Marcus 3 has a angle of 160 degrees). That aside the Marcus 1 shares the same exact housing, 3.1MP CMOS sensor, F2.2 6G Mega Pixel lens, 2 inch color TFT screen, built-in 3 axis G-sensor, microSD card slot (supports cards up to 32GB in capacity) and external GPS mouse support. Now Full HD 1080p may not be something new in the market and is certainly not as "impressive" as XHD 1296p but for most uses the first is plenty and has very little to be jealous from the 2nd.