20 - 01 - 2018
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PAPAGO P2Pro Full HD DashCam Review

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   Three years ago while i was driving on the far right lane of the interstate a car with half erased license plates pulled up from the center lane and onto the far right side of the road and although i managed to avoid hitting him dead on i couldn't control the rear end of my car so the rear right wing ended up getting severely damaged. Unfortunately by the time i pulled over and got out of my car the guy had already gotten into his car and left and although i did try to chase him i lost him in traffic. So i ended up having to pay for the damage from my own pocket (actually my insurance covered 70% and that's pretty much the only good thing about all this). Looking back i now know that this entire incident could had been avoided had i used an dash camera like i do now since i would have recorded the car and the visible part of its license plate. Today‚Äôs review is about one such product and more specifically the latest P2Pro Drive Recorder by PAPAGO.


   PAPAGO! Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001; with more than 10 years GPS related background both in software and hardware. PAPAGO! Inc. has become the leading brand in Taiwan, China, Russia, South East Asia, Japan, Australia, and now America. To provide a more localized product and service, PAPAGO! Inc. has set up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and has plans to extend to new countries worldwide. In 2011, PAPAGO! Inc. became an IPO in Taiwan and has begun to invest more in the car safety arena. Being a pioneer in the car dashcam market, PAPAGO! Inc. for years has dedicated itself to promising drivers the most comfortable and safest journeys when driving on the road. PAPAGO! Inc. tries various advanced technologies to fulfill this goal. PAPAGO! strives to develop products that are user-friendly and promote safety as a key component. When creating our products our goal is to ensure that the consumer will enjoy all the benefits that our research and design team have created at an affordable price. Safety meets technology to provide drivers and sports enthusiasts a high-tech experience when capturing their life in HD.


   PAPAGO is a name we've only heard of roughly 5 months ago but they seem to be quite popular in the United States and since there's always a good reason behind something like that we just had to take a look at their products. The first one to reach us is the P2Pro Drive Recorder and although not their latest product it does sport a very rich list of features including Full HD 1080p@30fps video recording with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), built-in GPS, built-in G-Sensor, mini HDMI v1.3 output and an 2.4" LCD screen. The P2Pro however is also equipped with several software-based drive assistance features designed purely for the safety of the driver and the passengers such as the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS) and the driver fatigue alarm system. So at first glance the P2Pro Driver Recorder seems to be the complete dash camera we've all been waiting for so let's dig a little bit deeper.