20 - 11 - 2017
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Trackimo Car/Marine GPS Tracker Review

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   I used the Trackimo for roughly 3 hours when driving around to get presents for Christmas and i have to admit that it's extremely accurate (when in the car or on foot) since it accurately tracked my location well within 5 meters. So next test was to try and see just how accurate it is when used from the inside of a building. To test that i stopped by a fast food place around 20 minutes away from where i live and although at first it couldn't locate my position with precision (many floors over me after all) it did so on the 2nd try (and lost it again on the third). Of course the Trackimo is not so much for use indoors and because of that i wasn't really expecting perfection in terms of accuracy but the fact that it did track my position (even not the entire time) was a pleasant surprise (don't forget you can also use history to see where it was prior to entering a building). Unfortunately when the device couldn't successfully track my position via GPS it used cell tower triangulation and that sometimes placed me up to 100 meters away from where i was at (in movies cell tower triangulation seems more accurate) so do expect some variation in results between GPS and cell tower triangulation (with the first being better). In terms of battery life the Trackimo slightly surpassed 65 hours of continuous use and although that's not extremely close to the 72 hours reported still we can't really complain (besides by using the vehicle/marine kit it's still going after roughly 2 weeks). Overall we have only good things to say about the Trackimo so let's move on and see just how much it costs.

   Currently thanks to several good discounts you can get your very own Trackimo for just USD139.99 if you want the standalone GPS version or the drone GPS tracker with drone attachment kit or USD179.98 if you want the standalone 3G GPS version or the vehicle/marine GPS Tracker bundle (the model we tested). Also do take into account that after the 1st year you will need to spend USD60 per year for the international cellular service a rather small cost which i think will not hold back potential customers. All things said and done the Trackimo is a complete GPS/GSM tracker with a plethora of available features and a very good battery life. Sure it's not as small as some other GPS trackers out there so it may not be the ideal device for small pets but that's just about its only drawback. Long story short whether you want the Trackimo to ensure the safety of your loved ones or your prized possessions it works exactly as advertised and that's why it gets our Platinum Award.



- Quality
- Compact Size
- Velcro, Magnetic And Belt Clip Attachments
- Tracking Through Both GPS And Cell Tower Signal Triangulation
- Battery Life (Up To 72 Hours)
- 12 Months International Cellular Service
- Car/Boat Battery Connector
- 3 Text Alert Keys 
- Available Bundles
- Software Features



- Price (For Some)
- Cell Tower Signal Triangulation Accuracy