20 - 11 - 2017
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Trackimo Car/Marine GPS Tracker Review

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The web app of the Trackimo includes everything you need to know at a glance so aside pointing to where the device is on the map it also gives you its latitude and longitude, exact address, current speed and available battery (you can also access history of where the device has been at for as back as you want).




There are several SMS alarms you can configure with the Trackimo including a speed limit alarm (you get to enter the desired number), low-battery alarm, motion-sensor alarm, key alarms (left/right and SOS) and you can also enable/disable the beep sound made by the device (the icons bellow can be used in case you own more than just one Trackimo).




You can also place a fence alarm (200m/500m/1000m/5000m) so if the device exits that area it will send you text alarms (ideal for pets).



The android and iOS app may not offer the same wealth of information at first glance but you can also see where the device is located (both in map and satellite view).




You can of course setup a fence alarm from the android/iOS app as well.



Having access to all the available alarms is also provided as is the option to change the name of the device and its icon and also to adjust the tracking period.