20 - 11 - 2017
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Trackimo Car/Marine GPS Tracker Review

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trackimo 6tThe 42g heavy Trackimo is a very compact tracker (there are smaller ones out there but not with the same features) that measures 47mm in width, 40mm in length and 17mm in height.



trackimo 7ttrackimo 8tWe placed a 2Euro coin next to the Trackimo to get a better idea of its size.



trackimo 9t

At the front of the device we see the company name and logo, microphone hole, SOS button (emergency notification system) and two left and right buttons which can be configured to send specific messages on the screen of whoever's watching (you will need to do that from the Trackimo app).



trackimo 10ttrackimo 11tThere's a tiny hole at the base of the Trackimo (it may be the speaker one) while the on/off power button, the micro USB charging port and another tiny hole (probably another one for the microphone) are placed at the top.



trackimo 12t

From the factory the Trackimo comes wearing the adhesive magnetic attachment which you can either secure in place with the bundled screw or swap for one of the others.



trackimo 13ttrackimo 14tRemoving the attachment is very easy and once you do that you will also find the bundled SIM card.



trackimo 15t

Here's also where you will need to mount the bundled 600mAh rechargeable li-ion battery.



trackimo 16t

Aside the magnetic adhesive attachment and the plain adhesive attachment you can also use a belt clip attachment.



trackimo 17t

You can also make the Trackimo splash resistant (not waterproof) by placing it inside the silicon cover as seen above.