20 - 01 - 2018
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Trackimo Car/Marine GPS Tracker Review

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     Global positioning satellites have been around for as far back as i can remember but it wasn't until somewhat recently advancements in technology (followed by several price cuts) made it possible for us to use them not just as the means to navigate in unknown regions but also to keep track of our loved ones and our prized possessions. Now there are many such products in the market today in various different price categories so it's quite understandable that some people may not know which one to pick. There are two main categories of such tracking systems today currently available in the market the ones that use a SIM card and thus can transmit the coordinates of the device on any phone (Google maps is then used to pinpoint the position/location) and there are even some that use your smartphone GPS and Bluetooth (more accurately their software does) to transmit the item/person location to a central server and back to your smartphone/tablet (this is what i call crowd tracking since it relies heavily on the number of people who use such devices in your area/country - we have some reviews coming up). Trackimo is one of the most complete GPS/GSM tracking systems available in the market today (tracks both via GPS satellites and Cellular towers via signal triangulation) that is not only small enough to even fit inside your back pocket but it also gives you the ability to plug it with your cars battery (or your boat) and provide it with a virtually endless battery life.

   Trackimo™ is a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider with proprietary technology, enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices. Trackimo aspires to transform business models through the development of customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and are user friendly, used globally with enhanced security and reliability. Trackimo™ developed the world’s smartest, most compact and cost effective tracking device, providing user friendly and powerful options for keeping track of people and things cared for.

   The Trackimo is currently available as a standalone product (2G and 3G GSM/GPS trackers are available), vehicle & marine bundle which also includes the necessary cables to connect it onto the car/boat battery, drone bundle that includes the GPS model and a drone attachment kit and a waterproof bundle which includes the 3G GPS model and a waterproof box kit. All models come with a 1 year international cellular service (10 monthly SMS text alerts are included - you can send text alerts with three buttons located at the top of the device) and after that you will either need to get your own or SIM card and subscription pay the mother company USD5 per month to keep using it (i think the cost is low so this is your safest bet). So what's under the hood of the Trackimo? Well here we see a MTK3336 GPS tracker (quite popular in the market so it's been tested a lot - motion detection is supported), MKT6250A quad band GSM module (supports GPRS and GSM 850/GSM 900/ DCS 1800/ PCS 1900 bands), microphone and a 600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can provide the Trackimo with up to 72 hours of life (up to 150 hours standby). Let's test the Trackimo and see if it's worth placing in your car, boat or on whoever and whatever you want to keep track of.