22 - 02 - 2018
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Kensington Absolute Power Dual USB Wall Charger Review

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   Summer is perhaps the only time of the year when pretty much everyone goes on vacations and if you are like me and have more than just one cell phone, MP3/4 player, Bluetooth headset that means taking along with you a large number of AC power chargers and chances are that you will probably forget at least one of those in the process (i know i have in more than just one occasion). Kensington is a well-known brand name mainly because of the countless number of devices out there (including notebooks, LCD screens, NAS devices, HDD enclosures etc.) that feature their security slot but their product line is actually very long and also includes several gadgets that can help make your life a lot easier. One of those gadgets is their Absolute Power Dual USB Wall Charger which we have here with us today.


   Founded in 1981 and headquartered in the heart of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, California, Kensington Computer Products Group, is the technology division of ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ABD), a world leader in branded office products with annual revenues of nearly $1.50 billion and products marketed in more than 120 countries around the globe. Kensington pioneered computer security since the invention of the Kensington's Security Slot which is built into 95% of the world’s laptops, LCD/LED Monitors, TV’s, Projectors, and Printers; and earlier on provided protection with our System Saver product line safeguarding the Apple II from power surges and overheating. Whether at the office, in the home, car, or on the move, Kensington computer accessories bring practicality, creativity and inspiration together in a comprehensive line of products that delight users and create lifelong customers. Kensington engineers to secure and protect all the devices that the world’s organizations and their employees rely upon and to protect and enhance their productivity.


   Thanks to the 2.1 Amps provided per USB port the Absolute Power Dual USB Wall Charger allows you to charge simultaneously up to two mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, eReaders, MP3/4 players, digital cameras, camcorders and GPS units. Charging however is not the only thing you can do with a USB wall charger and so you can also use it to power several USB powered gadgets such as LED lamps, portable desktop fans and more. Personally I’d like to see more than just 2 USB ports on this USB wall charger but since i rarely happen to charge two devices at the same time i think i might just like to ask for more. Time however to get up close and personal with the Absolute Power Dual USB Wall Charger by Kensington.