21 - 02 - 2018
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Sandberg Pocket Bluetooth Speaker Review

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pocket bluetooth speakera   For the past 4 years or so most smartphones I’ve used featured speakers (sometimes more than just one for virtual 3D audio) that could deliver quite a punch for their size. However no matter how much powerful a smartphone speaker is it can never be powerful enough (if you like listening to music) and at the same time using it means that your smartphones battery charge will reach critical levels before long. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the obvious solution to that problem but most of the available units currently are not what you'd call small and so one must spend quite a bit of time searching for the ideal portable speaker, size-wise speaking. Sandberg may not be the first company to come in mind when looking to buy smartphone peripherals but their latest pocket Bluetooth speaker just might be what many of you have been looking for.


   Sandberg A/S is a Danish company with a clear ideology: We want to make it easier to get hold of computer accessories. Everyone should be able to find the right accessories in the shop and get them to work once they've got them home without the need for specialist knowledge. The basic idea of Sandberg wanting to make things easier for both consumers and dealers has imbued the spirit of everything that Sandberg has done since 1985, when the company was founded by the two brothers Martin Hollerup and Erling Hoff Petersen.


   Much like most similar speakers designed for "on the go" use with smartphones the pocket Bluetooth speaker by Sandberg is a Bluetooth 2.1 compatible 3W mono speaker unit with support for A2DP/AVRCP devices. Unlike however other manufacturers that focus on eye candy designs (making it harder to carry the speaker in your pocket) Sandberg has opted for a much simpler (yet less impressive) design and longer battery life. True we all want to own something nice looking that gets to stand out from the crowd (who doesn't?) but when it comes to portable speakers i think that size should matter the most. Personal preferences aside however the time has come for us to take a close look at the Sandberg pocket Bluetooth speaker.