21 - 02 - 2018
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Cadence Josh Chadwick Watch

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   Wearing a wrist watch is not something many people do nowadays mainly because pretty much all of us carry smartphones so knowing the time at the push of a button is not a hard thing to do. Of course many of you know that to me a wrist watch is much more than just a device to tell time, it's an elegant accessory that defines the overall style of a person much like you belt, shoes, glasses or even your car. Until recently however my wrist watch collection included just analog ones so i begun my search for other kind of watches which are more "suited" for gadget lovers like myself. The first unit i stumbled across was the rather strange Diesel DZ7164 LED watch which thanks to its rubber coating is very appropriate to wear when jogging, at the gym, playing ball and generally when doing sports. However i also wanted to find something designed for casual everyday use and this is where Cadence comes in with their latest Josh Chadwick wrist watch.


   The Cadence Watch Company designs, produces and sells high-quality watches at revolutionary prices. The company started in Cambridge, MA, in 2002 with a patented sports monitor. Since its move to Philadelphia in 2004, Cadence has expanded into a full and growing line of branded performance and lifestyle watches, including the trademarked 4-Bit line, the in-the-know 4:20 line, environmentally friendly Ecomatic line, oversized digital Wrist Rocket, and our design-focused Collective series. Our meticulously crafted, custom timepieces are created by a team of in-house and external designers at our office in the Marketplace Design Studios in downtown Philadelphia, a former car factory on the Schuylkill River. Cadence watches help you stand out, get ahead in life, and express your identity. They are designed by us, custom-made for us, and available exclusively on our site. By cutting out middlemen in watch distribution, we deliver eye-catching designs at eye-popping prices. We are disrupting the $43 billion watch industry by creating a watch brand for smart consumers. Consumers who appreciate outstanding design, workmanship, and service. Consumers who refuse to pay inflated prices of a middlemen-saturated pre-Internet era. Consumers who want to stand out, grab life by the horns, and reveal their personality with fine timepieces.


   The Josh Chadwick wrist watch was the winner of an international design contest performed a few months back and since i was closely following that contest i just had to test out the winner. Unfortunately compared to the initial design concept the Josh Chadwick watch lacks the unique single side magnetized wrist band and instead comes with the classic two part band which may not be as innovative and impressive (not even close actually) but works pretty well. Granted the end product is almost never the same as the concept design (take cars for instance) but I’d really like to see that magnetic wrist band. Anyways the rest of the watch is exactly as the concept design and i have to admit that it looks and feels quite good. How good well you'll have to read the rest of this review to find out.