21 - 11 - 2017
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iFrogz Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker Review

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   In order to be 100% certain about what we were giving away (don't worry we gave away a brand new Boost Plus) we used the Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker for a total of 13 days during which we carried it with us in several mountain "expeditions" we did with friends and i have to say that each and every single one of those friends were impressed with the simplicity of the product just like we were. I mean i can't figure out why no one has ever thought of what iFrogz did in the past. Sure you need to have your phone always placed ontop of the speaker but compared to the hassle of pairing your phone with a portable speaker every time you wish to use it (not even mentioning the power required by Bluetooth) that's nothing. So is the Boost Plus the perfect portable speaker? Unfortunately i have to say no because of two issues. First of all it lacks the rechargeable nature most portable speakers out there have so you either need to always swap the 3 AA batteries (you can use rechargeable ones with a separate charger to save on cash) or always carry with you a portable battery so you can feed it power via the micro-USB port. Of course iFrogz claims that with 3 AA batteries you can use the Boost Plus for a total of 15 hours and we did cross 13 hours during our test, still that’s a rather large drawback which i hope they can resolve in the near future. Secondly the audio amplification is not that impressive although i can't imagine who would use a portable speaker to have a party. In any case we also uploaded a short clip in YouTube demonstrating the iFrogz Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker (do ignore my cat scratched hands).


   Innovation doesn't always have to come at a great cost and I’m very happy that this also applies for the Boost Plus since currently you can purchase it directly from iFrogz at a price tag of just USD59.99/59.99Euros regardless of where you might live (free shipping). Yes you can find probably find more powerful Bluetooth portable speakers in the market at around the same price range but the Boost Plus is a lot easier to use (hassle-free) so why bother with anything less? Of course if you just need the extra power offered by similar solutions like for example the Jabra Solemate then yes i can understand the need of using a Bluetooth portable speaker, otherwise no. For innovation, ease of use and good performance the Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker by iFrogz gets our Golden Award.




- Build Quality
- Innovation (Near-Field Technology)
- Ease Of Use (Just Place Your Phone On It)
- Size
- Battery And USB Powered
- Up To 14-15 Hours Of Use With Just 3xAA Batteries
- 3.5mm Mini-Jack Input
- Price (For Some)




- Not Rechargeable
- Volume Levels Could Be Better