23 - 10 - 2017
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iFrogz Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker Review

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boost plus 05t

The Boost Plus features a nice (yet thin) rubber layer at the top and measures 161mm in length, 40mm in height and 71mm in width while weighing a total of 270g.



boost plus 06t

It may not be as small as the Sandberg X3 but it's half the size of the Jabra Solemate (as seen above).



boost plus 07t

There are three small drivers behind the front grille however this time over i was unable to remove it (without ruining the unit that is).



boost plus 08t

In order to use the Boost Plus you need to place the lower end of your smartphone (facing upwards) on the Sensor Here note placed ontop of the speaker.



boost plus 09t

I don't really know why (especially since I’d like it all to be black) but half of the speaker is black and half is gray.



boost plus 10t

The on/off power button, micro USB port (used for power) and the 3.5mm mini-jack audio input are placed at the rear of the unit.



boost plus 11t

I was surprised to see that iFrogz has placed green feet at the bottom of the unit (i guess because of their logo).



boost plus 12t

The thing i didn't like most with the Boost Plus is that instead of having an built-in rechargeable battery (like most portable speakers out there) you will need to either use 3xAA batteries or connect it with a USB battery (or a computer) via the micro-USB port at the rear.



boost plus 14t

A tiny blue LED lights up once you press the power on/off button and that's that, you just need to place your phone on the device to use it.