18 - 10 - 2017
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iFrogz Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker Review

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   Prior to starting this review we really hope you are all having a great time with your families and friends just like us (Christmas is that time of the year after all). Now as you all know we finished our last giveaway of 2012 a few days back and since two days now we've spend quite a bit of time dispatching most of the prizes some of you should actually have them by New Year’s Eve just as planned. However some of you also know that we don't really like giving away prizes that we haven't previously tested ourselves to verify their quality/performance and so for the past 2 weeks we've been trying out what is perhaps the most innovative product among the prizes we gave away 4 days ago. The product of course as clearly stated from the article title is none other than the latest Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker by iFrogz.


   iFrogz (www.zagg.com/ifrogz/) manufactures brand driven iPod and digital audio accessories. A subsidiary of ZAGG, Inc., iFrogz launched its line of media products in March 2006. iFrogz sells products into nearly every corner of the globe. With offices both in and out of the United States as well as a logistics and development center in Hong Kong, iFrogz delivers product through a variety of distribution methods. iFrogz is small and nimble enough to create custom delivery and warehouse solutions, while robust enough to facilitate large orders. iFrogz mission is to create innovative products that are stylish, practical and unique. With countless awards and accolades, iFrogz has positioned itself as a company with limitless potential. In an industry saturated with generic mediocrity, iFrogz stands out as a brand with style and ingenuity. Marketing is always a priority. As a brand driven company, iFrogz continues to utilize a strong marketing mix both in and out of the digital audio industry. Implementing effective online and print ad positioning and taking advantage of a variety of editorial and review modalities, iFrogz has seen unrivaled success with both print and online media. iFrogz pledges to offer retailers unsurpassed support and resource in all marketing endeavors.


   I've been testing portable Bluetooth speakers for quite a few years so when i first heard of the Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker by iFrogz the first thought that came to mind was that it would just be another similar product so nothing really to get excited over. That however quickly changed and actually that happened as soon as i watched a product presentation. As a matter of fact i was so impressed with what i saw that i didn't really believe it at first so it didn't take long for our friends over at iFrogz to send one over for testing. The result? Well let’s just say that if we weren't quite impressed with the results there's no way we would had included one Boost Plus in the prizes of our last giveaway. However seeing is believing so read the rest of this review to see just what you will be getting if you decide to buy the Boost Plus Near-Field Audio Amplifying Speaker by iFrogz.