19 - 01 - 2018
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Attitude One Almaz Stylish Headphones Review

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   Although i do enjoy listening to my favorite tunes while on the road in my car with the volume turned all the way up i can't say that i feel just as comfortable doing so when I’m on foot since where i live people tend to stare if they see you wearing headphones especially if it's a bulky model. Because of that I’m always trying to use the smallest headphones i can get my hands on without of course compromising on sound quality at the same time (doing so would be like missing the point). Unfortunately small headphones equal to small earcups and small earcups in turn equal to small driver units used (at least the majority of times) which naturally can't perform exactly like the ones used in larger models so up till this day i have yet to find the perfect headphones for me. Well the people over at Attitude One seem quite confident that they can change that with their brand new Almaz Stylish Headphones.


   Attitude One was founded in USA in 2011. With many years of experience from the computer and gaming business we decided to start Attitude One. Thanks to our knowledge and our connections in the industry, we can offer products and technologies that are always top of the line. With our unique design and memorable product names our products spread throughout markets of the world.


   At first glance the Almaz Stylish Headphones look really nice thanks to their compact size and glossy exterior (and the many available colors) but that changes right after we take a look on the inside since it's not the first time we've encountered similar specifications. So Attitude One has chosen to use two 40mm drivers featuring a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, sensitivity of 111dB (-+3dB) and impedance of 16 Ohm but unlike most other similar headphones the Almaz comes with a fully detachable Omni-directional microphone with a sensitivity of -42dB. This microphone may look somewhat strange and I’m quite positive that not many people would like to use it out in the open (not that you can since it has separate 3.5mm plugs) but on the other hand its design, length and onboard mute/volume controls should make it ideal for use with online games and/or PC calls. So the Almaz looks great and its microphone may actually be the best in its class which is all the more reason for us to move forward with this review.