01 - 11 - 2014
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39 - Silicon Power Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over





   A brand new competition (this time restricted to EU residents only) is coming up later today so since time is very limited the time has come to announce the names of the lucky winners:

     1) The Armor A60 2TB USB 3.0 drive has found a new home with Greg Pol
Robert Flynn should be getting the S60 240GB SATA III SSD really soon
The second S60 SSD (120GB) has been won by Vincent Valenciano
One of the X20 32GB USB 2.0 OTG flash drives goes to Tim Fletcher
The second X20 32GB USB 2.0 OTG flash drive is going to Nikunj Patel

   Well that’s all people, congrats to all of you and don’t forget to send your shipping details along with your emails and a valid phone number either in Facebook or to my email. Also it would be nice if you could post a picture of the prize once you receive it purely for validation purposes so everyone can see you received it.

   As for the rest of you this next giveaway is a surprise and although it’s EU restricted worry not since the one after that will be also a surprise and open worldwide at that. 



   It’s been a while since we gave away storage related products so we decided to once again join hands with our friends over at Silicon Power to try and create a very nice bundle up for grabs for all of you and we did. So today we will be giving away an Armor A60 2TB USB 3.0 Rugged Portable Hard Drive, one S60 240GB SATA III SSD, one S60 120GB SATA III SSD and two X20 32GB USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drives. To be eligible to win you just need to take three very small steps:

1) Like our Facebook page
2) Like the Official Silicon Power Global Facebook Page
3) Reply under the Silicon Power Worldwide Joint Giveaway post pined ontop of Our FB page (not in the Silicon Power page)

   As stated in the title this giveaway is open to everyone on the face of the planet so you need not worry where you live (just as long as mail can reach you) and will run up to the 15th of July. Again we haven’t placed it as one of the rules to share this giveaway but we ask you to in order to get more people to like our page and thus be able to do many more giveaways in the future.

   Well that’s all folks so from everyone here and at Silicon Power we wish all of you the best of luck.

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Posted: 3 months, 2 weeks ago by grayhoose #1454
congrats guys!
Posted: 3 months, 3 weeks ago by Sam Nicko #1451
Entered, Thank you NikkTech and Silicon Power Global!
Totally need an upgrade for a buffy sexy fast SP SSD would be awesome
Good Luck to all participants
Posted: 3 months, 3 weeks ago by fourpixel #1450
Entered! Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 4 months ago by specialguy #1445
Nice giveaway! I really need a big HDD so that is the prize I would really lik, but the SSDs are sweet too!
Posted: 4 months ago by X_Shadow #1444
All Done. Love SP.
Posted: 4 months ago by geejus #1443
I'm in-to it.
Posted: 4 months ago by grayhoose #1442
great prizes! thx!!
Posted: 4 months ago by NatoR812 #1441
All Done! I hope to win!
Posted: 4 months ago by Verato #1440
Ah thanks:D
Posted: 4 months ago by Freedom #1439
In our Facebook page Verato.
Posted: 4 months ago by Verato #1438
Reply where?!
Posted: 4 months ago by filip0104 #1437