18 - 12 - 2014
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32 - Christmas Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over






    With just 9 days left till Christmas our unique giveaway is officially over (we do need to try and get the prizes to all of you before then) and so after we got our 26 random numbers it's time to announce our very lucky winners. However before we do that i feel we need to clarify one thing to some of you and more specifically the ones who asked us why we decided to gather 30 small/medium-priced prizes rather than getting 2-3 really expensive ones. Well the answer is very simple and so we just wanted to make as many people happy as possible so instead of contacting 2-3 manufacturers to secure 2-3 very expensive prizes (something which would had been far easier btw) for 2-3 lucky winners we decided to contact 19 to try and get as many as we could (something which took long to happen). However since we don't like leaving anyone dissapointed we will try to do a giveaway inside 2014 with 2-3 very expensive and special prizes. For now the names of the lucky winners are:

1) The S-50 Action Cam by Rollei lands in the hands of Richard Goodwill
2) Gerasimos Olivotos is the lucky guy to walk away with the A73 2-Way Speaker by TDK
3) The TV-303D W-Fi Media Player by Dune HD goes to Philip Miller
Our 4th and perhaps luckiest winner is Stanley Young
5) Errol Gonzaga
just won himself the brand new PowerZone 850W PSU by be quiet!
6) The AX 720+ Surround Sound Headset by TRITTON goes to Bohs Hansen
7) Robert Flynn
gets the Devolo LiveCam Starter Kit
8) The Jabra Solemate Mini will be going to Sara Poskrobko
One of the luckiest people in this giveaway is without doubt Peter Dumble who just won one of the first Strike Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboards by OZONE
10) Mario Joao Castro
will be receiving the Armor A30 1TB PHD by Silicon Power
The Armor A15 1TB PHD by Silicon Power goes to Jim Mallis
12) Jaromir Cerveny
grabs the first R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler to hit the market
The lucky guy to receive the 7K1000 1TB 2.5" HDD by HGST is Martin Jones
14) Simon Butler
now has one of the best gaming mice in the market the NAOS 8200 by Mionix
The lucky guy to receive the fine El'Druin RPG Gaming Mouse is Matthew Schumacher 
16) Austin Tan
is getting the massive HR22 Passive CPU Cooler by Thermalright
17) The MQ01ACF050 500GB 2.5" HDD goes to John Tatopoulos
18) Diogo Felix
just won the NH-U14S CPU Cooler by Noctua
The NH-U12S CPU Cooler by Noctua goes to Michal Gryglicki
20) Martin Van Os
is the lucky winner of the GX700 Midi Tower by Antec
21) The brand new NEON Gaming Mouse by OZONE now belongs to JoaoGoncalo Oliveira
22) Denis Krasko
gets the Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler by be quiet!
23) All three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans by be quiet! will be going to Frank Bramkamp
24) William Stuart
is one of the lucky winners to get the Rock Dock POWER 4GB Speaker
The second lucky winner of the Rock Dock POWER 4GB Speaker is Jacob Paul Zamora
Finally Scott Kerschner gets the third and last of the Rock Dock POWER 4GB Speakers

    Well that's all people, all you need to do now is send your personal shipping details along with a valid telephone number either in FB or in my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can have all companies dispatch the prizes. Also we hope that most of you will also post pictures of the prizes purely for validation purposes.

    Again congratulations and Happy Holidays both from all of us here and from everyone working for the companies participating in the giveaway. May 2014 bring happiness and everything good 2013 failed to for everyone on the face of the planet. As for all of you who were'nt lucky in this giveaway worry not since our next giveaway goes live in a few days (before Christmas). 

    The time of the year when all of us as kids waited to see whether or not Santa Claus would honor us with his presence is almost upon us. Unfortunately most of us are not kids anymore so fairy tales are not as exciting as they once were however that doesn't mean that we must forsake the holiday spirit and so in a way the first thing we wanted was to make as many people as possible happy these Christmas. Well we are not as large as we hope to be in the future so our resources are somewhat limited but that didn't keep us from contacting a large number of friends working for an equally large number of manufacturers to try and secure as many prizes as possible. Well it worked and so today for grabs we have a grand total of 30 prizes worth well over 2500Euros for a total of 26 winners:

1) S-50 FullHD ActionCam courtesy of Rollei (Facebook Page)
2) A73 2-Speaker Wireless Boombox by TDK (Facebook Page)
3) TV-303D Wi-Fi Media Player by Dune HD (Facebook Page)
4) Frost Blue Gaming Bundle (Headset/Mouse/Mousepad) courtesy of SteelSeries (Facebook Page)
5) Power Zone 850W Power Supply Unit from our friends over at be quiet! (Facebook Page)
6) AX 720+ Surround Sound Gaming Headset by TRITTON (Facebook Page)
7) DLAN LiveCam Starter Kit by Devolo (Facebook Page)
8) Solemate Mini Wireless Speaker offered by our friends at Jabra (Facebook Page)
9) Strike Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by OZONE (Facebook Page)
10) Armor A30 1TB Portable Hard Drive Courtesy of Silicon Power (Facebook Page)
11) Armor A15 1TB Portable Hard Drive again by our friends over at Silicon Power
12) R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler by the new kids on the block Cryorig (Facebook Page)
13) 7k1000 1TB SATA III 2.5" Internal HDD by HGST (Facebook Page)
14) NAOS 8200 High-End Gaming Mouse by our friends at Mionix (Facebook Page)
15) El' Druin RPG Gaming Mouse by Leetgion (Facebook Page)
16) HR22 Passive CPU Cooler by our old friends over at Thermalright (Facebook Page)
17) MQ01ACF050 500GB SATA III 2.5" Internal HDD by Toshiba Storage (Facebook Page)
18) NH-U14S Zero Clearance CPU Cooler courtesy of our dear friends over at Noctua
19) NH-U12S Zero Clearance CPU Cooler again courtesy of Noctua (Website)
20) GX700 Midi Tower offered by our friends over at Antec (Facebook Page)
21) Neon Gaming Mouse another prize by our friends over at OZONE
22) Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler again provided by be quiet!
23) 3x Pure Wings 2 140mm Fans the third and final price by our friends over at be quiet!
24-25-26) RockDoc POWER 4GB Memory 1-Way Speaker provided by VisionTek (Facebook Page)

   In order to be eligible to win one of the above prizes you only need to take two very quick steps:

1) Like our Official Facebook Page
Reply under the Christmas Giveaway post pinned at the top of our Facebook Page (you can say whatever you want but since it’s Christmas we hope you will follow the holiday spirit)

   Unfortunately due to Facebook regulations we can't ask you to like all 18 pages corresponding to the 18 manufacturers participating in this giveaway (except Noctua since they don't have an Official FB page) but it would mean a lot to us if you did (or at least if you followed the one offering the prize you'd like to win) since that way we can give all of them a reason to cooperate with us for another such giveaway next year (i think that will benefit us all). Also as some of you will certainly notice this time sharing the giveaway is not one of the steps but we would appreciate if you did that on your own. We could use one of the available FB applications to make it easier for everyone (ourselves mostly) but neither was able to automate the like procedure because of the same FB regulations (so you’d still have to manually like every page if you wanted to) and to do that you’d have to give them access to your FB accounts including your friends lists something we didn’t like much.

   This giveaway is open Worldwide and will last from today and until the 16 of December so most of you should be able to receive your prizes just in time for Christmas. At the 16/17th do remember to check the OTHER folder in your FB messages screen since our winner messages will end up there (or you can just check this giveaway page that works too).

   Well that's all people the best of luck from all of us both here and in the 19 participating companies and always remember to spread the holiday spirit.



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Posted: 1 year ago by Sam Nicko #1355
grats all winners Merry Christmas guys
Posted: 1 year ago by mrcapncaveman #1354
Congratulations to all of the lucky winners and Merry Christmas to all!
Posted: 1 year ago by Sam Nicko #1353
iWishToWin ssshhhh PSU
Merry Christmas Everyone
Posted: 1 year ago by SteveOx #1352
I've been nice all year Santa.. Please let me win an ATX case from Antec! Please, please, please A case and a GPU are the last pieces I need.
Posted: 1 year ago by SteveOx #1351
Happy Holidays.. so much awesome in this giveaway!
Posted: 1 year ago by MadChoppa #1350
Shared again - hope it'll bring some luck to make my Christmas awesome. Thanks for the chance, and good luck to all.
Posted: 1 year ago by SCARIK #1349
Merry Christmas
Posted: 1 year ago by dude_gamer #1348
Merry Christmas to NikKTech & all 18 Partners
Posted: 1 year ago by Sam Nicko #1347
[attachment:1]Merry Christmas NIKKTECH.jpg[/attachment]

Merry Christmas Guys

Thanks Nik and All Awesome Sponsors!
Posted: 1 year ago by vaibhav1608 #1346
Posted: 1 year ago by vaibhav1608 #1345
Posted: 1 year ago by dav532000 #1344
Great giveaway thanks & Merry Xmas to everyone.
Posted: 1 year ago by anmir1 #1343
Merry Christmas to all !
Posted: 1 year ago by filip0708 #1342
Merry Christmas.
Posted: 1 year ago by LuckyOMB #1341
I wish you all happy holidays and congrats to the future winners!!!
Posted: 1 year ago by filipadrian1980 #1340
Happy holidays
Posted: 1 year ago by nKwoel #1339
Get the candle on
Posted: 1 year ago by najiro #1338
Nice! Christmas will be fun here at Nikktech ^_^
by the way, here's Noctua's fan page

and be quiet!'s fanpage
Posted: 1 year ago by slugbug55 #1337
That's a lot of Christmas presents.
Posted: 1 year ago by mrcapncaveman #1336
Thanks Nick and to all of the generous sponsors, It does indeed look to be a Very Merry Christmas!
Posted: 1 year ago by Trak #1335
A perfect Christmas Eve would be a...beQuiet powered Christmas....
Posted: 1 year ago by grayhoose #1334
got several companies liked already and the Strike Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by OZONE would be on the top of my wish list.
awesome giveaway guys!!
Posted: 1 year ago by SteveOx #1333
All I would truly want is the Antec Mid-tower case.. It would mean the world to me to get that case. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe.
Posted: 1 year ago by fourpixel #1332
All I want for Christmas is a Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W