21 - 09 - 2014
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27 - AlienVibes Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over





    Performing tests, securing prizes for future giveaways and at the same time announcing the winners of a giveaway is not something to be taken lightly so since time is obviously precious let's skip to the names of our 4 very lucky winners of our giveaway with AlienVibes.

1)  The W601 2.2 channel speaker system goes to Jenapher Henslee 
2)  Jeremy Shell
, James Chester Anders and Petra Sartor will each be getting a EP02 Active Noise Cancellation High Fidelity headset.

    All you need to do now is send your personal shipping details along with a valid telephone number either in FB or to me via my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Also do remember that we'd like you to post a picture of the product once you receive it purely for validation purposes so that all our readers will know that we're not keeping the prizes to ourselves. I also need to clarify that if for some reason AlienVibes is unable to deliver these products (there have been some accusations on FB) we will send other products to the winners to make up for that. This will probably not happen but we just want you to know that we have your backs covered.

    As for all the rest who didn't win worry not cause in a few hours we are giving away 3 very good gaming peripheral sets in yet another Global Giveaway :)



   August may be over but that doesn't mean we will going to stop our giveaway spree. So as promised today we will be giving three awesome sound related products this time in cooperation with our friends from AlienVibes. To be more specific up for grabs is their highest end W601 speaker system featuring a 2.2 channel configuration that outputs a massive 160W of power and three of their latest EP02 Active Noise Cancellation High Fidelity Headsets (colors may vary). As always in order to participate you need to take 4 very easy steps:

1) Like our Official FB Page
2) Like the Official AlienVibes FB Page
3) Comment beneath the AlienVibes Joint Contest post (pinned ontop of Our FB Page)
4) Openly share the giveaway with your FB friends by clicking the share button above the post

   This giveaway will last up until the 16th of September and after much work we managed to make it open Globally for our readers so it doesn't matter on which planet you live, you can participate (well just as long as USPS/DHL/FedEx can deliver) for chance to win one of these great products. As always remember to check your OTHER folder under your main messages folder in Facebook once the giveaway is complete since our notification emails end up there and as a result most don't see them in time (or you can check our page, both work).

   That's all folks, i would like to wish the best of luck to all of you out there from everyone here and in AlienVibes and do remember to spread the word to your friends and family since the more followers we get the better the prizes we give will be in the future.

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Posted: 1 year ago by Freedom #1216
Prizes have indeed been securing and will get dispatched soon !
Posted: 1 year ago by amdcrankitup #1214
Thanks for a great oppurtunity in this amazing giveaway!Love to have a chance to be a winner thanks to NikkTech and Alien Vibes! Congrats on your great review from ThinkComputers! Awesome score! Good luck to all
Posted: 1 year ago by SCARIK #1213
All done)
Posted: 1 year ago by emilysparrow #1211
Those headphones look brilliant. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 1 year ago by Freedom #1209
A number is given to each participant and then a random number generator picks our winners, easy and efficient
Posted: 1 year ago by Freedom #1208
All can join Dacul
Posted: 1 year ago by limspn #1207
Nice thanks for the chance. Is it decided randomly?
Posted: 1 year ago by najiro #1204
Posted: 1 year ago by Jackdron #1202
All done
Posted: 1 year ago by Mur #1201
All done. Awesome! Thanks.
Posted: 1 year ago by anmir1 #1198
All done ! Thanks for the giveaway !
Posted: 1 year ago by Dagoth #1197
Done, thanks.
Posted: 1 year ago by fourpixel #1195
Entered! Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 1 year ago by Sergua622 #1190
Like! Thanks for the contest!
Posted: 1 year ago by dacul #1189
Can i join this one?
Posted: 1 year ago by filip0104 #1188
Posted: 1 year ago by filip0708 #1187
Awesome giveaway!
Posted: 1 year ago by dav532000 #1186
Great prize & great giveaway thanks for the chance.
Posted: 1 year ago by slimfit #1185
thanks to AlienVibes for the awesome prize
thanks to nikktech for the giveaway
goodluck everyone
Posted: 1 year ago by grayhoose #1182
nice contest guys
Posted: 1 year ago by filipadrian1980 #1181
Give them to me!
Posted: 1 year ago by slugbug55 #1180
Awesome giveaway!